Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finding Myself

I love my babies, okay they are actually teenagers but they are my babies. Being their mother is the one thing that brings me the most joy. To see their smiles and have conversations with them is priceless. They fill my heart with love and give me purpose, yet sometimes I feel lost in the shuffle of single parenthood. It doesn't happen often but sometimes I can't find my space.
This weekend I'm going to make time to enjoy "me & God" time. It will be a time to walk around enjoying the creations of God, like people smiling and beautiful sceneries. I like take notice of simple things like a group of ants walking a trail so happy as they carry pieces of leaves. I love to see trees swaying in the wind as they change colors. It sound silly I know but I walked through most of my life not noticing the simple things. It took a long time for me to appreciate things. Thank God for age and wisdom. My plans are to go Saturday morning to an antique store or flea market. I'm going to a book store to feel the touch of vintage books and read the words of poets. I will go to a coffee shop to smell fresh coffee brewing and read my book. As I drive around, I will celebrate the work of God and rejoice in the gifts I have been given. When my time is up, I will rush back home because I know I will be home-sick for my kids.
The Paris Market in Savannah

Paula Danyluk opened The Paris Market & Brocante in Savannah. It is a two-level former grocery with beautiful, out-of-the-ordinary furniture and accessories. I would love to own something as beautiful some day. I could spend every day in a shop like Paula's. Be sure to go into her online store for a visit. I'm in central Texas so I can't just drive to Savannah, but I'm going to find a local market to visit this weekend.


  1. You absolutely deserve some time for yourself. I can't even imagine how hard being a single parent is.

    I'm your new follower from the blog hop.

    Jessi's Bubble


  2. Hi Yoli,
    I'm so glad you are going to get some ME and GOD time! You are very smart to stop, slow down, and notice the simple things God created just for us! He is AMAZING and so is His Creation. I say ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!

  3. OK ... I could've sworn I'd just posted a comment ... gone, baby, gone!
    Annnnway, let's see what I remember?

    I wrote about wanting to tag along this weekend (really)!
    Love how you (like the author Sarah Ban Breathnach) stop to discover pleasure, rejoicing in the ordinary!

  4. That sounds wonderful, we all need a little time for ourselves. You go girl!

  5. Such a fun Paris Market...I agree, Me $ God time is very important in keeping everything in proper perspective.

    I am your newest Follower, hope you can stop by for a visit!

    Thanks, Becky Jane
    Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!