Friday, July 13, 2012

Women Super Heroes

Within each woman is a super hero.  She can be the goddess of her palace or the queen of her office.  She is the fierce activist and the confident leader.  She is married, single, divorced, or in an exclusive relationship.  She has kids to raise, aging parents to tend to, and charities to give to.  She is motivated to make a difference and people look up to her.  She is tender, genuine, and vulnerable.  She knows how to appreciate a good man and makes him the king of her heart. She chooses her friends wisely and values honesty.  She multi-tasks through out the day but at night she will give her mate all of her attention.  She prays in a constant conversation with God as if she is talking with her best friend.  She has the wisdom to appreciate life and a child-like laughter when she is having fun.  She may trip and stumble, be she is graceful in getting up.  She eats well, lives healthy, and strives for self awareness every day.  She is you, she is me, she is us.  She is a super hero. 

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