Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eat for the Body you Want

It happened many months ago.... I was sitting in my living room when my chest started hurting.  Thank God it wasn't a heart attack but it was an eye opener.  It was a stress pressure that made my breathing difficult. That is when I decided to take care of my health.  On January 27th I decided that I needed to lose weight and start exercising.  I was unsure what to do, how to eat, or what diet to follow.  A friend gave me the book Prevention and Reverse Heart Disease.  It was the foundation that I needed to change my eating lifestyle.  I have learned to eat healthier by doing different menu plans to keep me interested.  I try not to give people advise because everyone is different. I just try to live healthy and happy.  I'm proud to say that as of today I'm 43 pounds lighter.  I'm looking forward to reaching 50 pounds.  I hope to celebrate the big milestone!


  1. Wow, Yoli, 43 pounds is already fantastic - and as I said the other day, you're looking wonderful! All in 7 months...

    I like the way that you've been using your blog to inspire yourself and the rest of us too. I guess it's a great way to stay focused and accountable, which is how to keep up the good work in the long term. I feel the same about my exercise routine, which I started last September as part of my Rentrée Resolutions - without the reminder on my blog I'd be more likely to skip the routine. I feel a lot more healthy now, I have to say. How about you?

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