Monday, December 27, 2010


 Sassy Salads

We all know this is the time to start thinking of New Year's resolutions.  Eating healthier is definitely on my list.  The quintessential salad pairs up fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheeses, oil, chicken, and seafood.  Adding fruits, nuts, and other well-chosen ingredients offers a welcome change. Fatty fish like salmon or tuna offer omega-3 fats, which help lower the risk for heart disease. Tomatoes have plenty of vitamin C, potassium, and folate which may help lower cholesterol.  Nuts or seeds adds nearly five grams of high-quality protein, as well as generous amounts of vitamin E, fiber, and minerals.  All fruit provides abundant good nutrients (vitamin C and potassium) and list of disease-fighting chemicals in a package that's naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. Pair up arugula, grapes, and flower seeds.  Try mixed greens with berries and spiced almonds.  For a tangy taste, make a spicy southwest salmon Caesar salad with green onions.  A sesame shrimp salad is always in season.  Whatever your preference is simply add fresh ingredients and keep it balanced with a light oil base dressing.  Best wishes for a healthy start to 2011.

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