Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday - Celebrate with Joy

Recently I heard a news headline that people who attend religious services on a regular basis tend to live longer.  You very well know that I'm going to an extra Catholic Mass this weekend.   The study does make sense.  It is probably the foundation of faith and belonging to a family that a cultivates a healthier life.  It appears that religious practices are connected to a person's physical and psychological health.  We were meant to co-exist, to encourage each another, and experience a deep sense of spiritual connection.  People who are spiritual seem to live happier and are able to manage stress in a better way.  Their levels of anxiety does not overpower their existence and they tend to reach out to their community.  During this holiday season lets find time to reflect on the blessing of Christ.  Lets make social connections with family, friends and reach out to those who are lonely.  Celebrate with joy!

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  1. Indeed, I've read that as well. The give and take support of the church community, my faith in a loving God gives me strength, courage, and comfort. I am enjoying your blog, and am your newest follower. Blessings, Janet and

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