Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Retreat

My kids will be gone this weekend. Yeah, finally some quiet time. My daughter Gigi just left on a weekend trip with Grandma. We all know that Grandma is going to spoil her rotten. My son Vince will be going out with friends and spending time with his dad. The kids live with me full-time, so I don't often get time off. I am going to call my dearest friend, Ms. Kay. She is my "Crafter in Crime". Her quilts and craft projects are adorable. I am so blessed because she is wisdom and fun all wrapped in a beautiful package.

I will make time to retreat in prayer and thanksgiving because I feel so blessed by all of you wonderful blogger friends. I am touched by your kindness and prayers.

Wish ya'll a blessed weekend, Yoli :)


  1. I'm realy a people person, but I do relish time alone to relax, recharge, and regroup!
    Enjoy every quiet moment!

  2. Great job on the blog!!! I am really enjoying all of your entries.

  3. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.