Monday, October 19, 2009

Servant of the Lord

Mary said, "I am the servant of the Lord. Let it be done to me as you say." With that the angel left her. (Luke 1:38)

My dear Mother Mary, all praise and glory to your son Jesus Christ. I honor you for your devotion as a mother. Like many of us mothers, you also held your baby in your arms with love. You cooked for him, played with him, and tucked him into bed. He must have been full of curiosity as a child and it must have been amazing to watch him grow into his ministry. We often overlook your hard work and the influence you had upon him. I can only imagine your delight in him but I can not imagine your sufferings when you saw him crucified.
Intercede for us in prayer so we as women can learn to elevate our children to the riches of heaven. Pray for me to Jesus, that I may have your courage as a mother, woman, and servant of the Lord. Every child that is born is a gift from God and as mother we are entrusted with the fruit of our heavenly Father. Oh blessed mother, I do love thee!


  1. I love this portrait of the Madonna so much! I have painted this in oils copying it for members of my family many years ago. I gasped when I saw it on your site! Your blog is wonderful. I am glad I found you. Kerrie @

  2. A long time favorite of mine. It was in my mom's bedroom!