Friday, August 10, 2012

My Son-Shine

My son Vinny is the sunshine of my life.  He attends the University of Texas in Austin where he majors in Government and a minor in Communications. He just came back last week from Washington DC where he spent the summer working as a political intern.  He is moving in to his new apartment this weekend.  You should see my house, his boxes and furniture all over the place.  We have been storing his stuff since the summer when he moved out of his dorm.  I'm so ready for the my place to get back to normal.  I love my son and I'm going to miss him, but I'm not going to miss the clutter.  Thursday evening we went to dinner at the Gristmill, a restaurant near our home in Gruene.  They have delicious salads that are served in huge platters.  The three of us shared 2 grilled chicken Caesar salads, and we still have left-overs.  I loved it when I started to annoy my kids by taking pictures during the meal.  Gotta love them!!

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