Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Little Valentines

Potter Barn Kids

I have always tried to make Valentine's Day special for my kids.   We all love writing their Valentine's cards for school.  When they were younger we would get cute pencils and erasers.  There was always lots of candy lollipops and other treats.  Baking cookies is a part of our yearly traditions.  I feel that a house is best when something is baking in the over during the holidays.   My kids are teenagers now but I still get them something for Valentine's Day.  I will probably get my 15 year-old daughter a necklace, or anything jewelry (she love jewelry).  My 17 year old son is harder because what do you get a young man??  My daughter will probably take Valentine's cookies to school to share with her classmates.   Valentine's Day is fast approaching so I better start getting together their gifts.  Hope you have a great day!




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  5. Hi Yoli thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog. I love the picture you picked out from Pottery Barn. Isn't their stuff adorable? I cant wait for Little Bit to be big enough for us to make Valentines crafts together. My crafty little heart is all a twitter just thinking about it. Have a blessed week and a happy Valentines day!


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  7. Stopping by from todays hop...I love your valentine plans! I think its an awesome opportunity to spread the love! I noticed you have an etsy shop...I feature etsy shops monthly w/ a feature post and an ad. feb features have already been selected but you can enter your etsy shop link for march on feb 14th when this month's features will be announced. Have I confused you? You check out the details at Undeserving Grace on my sidebar :)

  8. I love that you make this holiday special for your kids. Those place settings are adorable!!
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