Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MAY 2009

GOD KEEPS ANSWERING MY PRAYERS. I have started asking again, "What will I do when my kids leave to college?" He answered with a passion from my past.

GOD GIVES ALL OF US GIFTS AND TALENTS. Sometime we don't appreciate them or us them at all. ONE OF MY GIFTS IS ART. I always loved art classes from elementary through high school. I remember wanting to go to an art college, but life choices took me down a different path. Life has a way of making a full-circle.

DO I DARE TO DREAM BIGGER? I love my aprons and I loved painting. I NEED TO BE CREATIVE FOR ME AND MY GOD. I am going to put my heart into this new inspiration; artistic aprons. I will soon post my creations as they come to life and hopefully bring JOY to someone (

Yoli, your sister in Christ

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