Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday - Morning Fiestas

Happy Pink Saturday. Today I'm spending the weekend with my family in south Texas. A typical Saturday morning when I was growing up consisted of a huge homemade breakfast. My mother would go to the local bakery, which is called "panaderia" in Spanish. She would select our favorite sweet bread, donuts, and cookies. When I come visit my mom, she still goes to the local bakery to pick up fresh bread in the morning. I will be wearing my Pink Senorita Apron while I cook. I've made several of these for sales and I'm pleased that my customers have loved them. I'm the Senorita Chef around the house.

The local bakery makes fresh bread all day long. The air is filled with the delicious aroma of baking bread and the shelves are filled with freshly cooked sweet bread.

A lot of color is used in making the breads appealing. The use of bright pinks is common in Mexican sweet bread. The bread below is called "moyete" in Spanish. They are my daughter's favorite bread.

My favorites are the cookies. I love plain sugar cookies. They are light and flaky.

I know I will be stuffed from over eating a huge breakfast, so I'm going to limit myself to 2 meals. I probably should get out and do some walking to work it off.
Come with me as I check out fun and exciting Saturday blog events and parties!
Yoli :)


  1. These all look so yummy, and we did the French equivalent this morning! My husband went out and came back with croissants (of course), pain au chocolat and chausettes de pomme, which means 'apple slippers' - they're just a kind of apple turnover. It was lovely! How nice to think of you doing something similar in your part of the world.

  2. I can see why your customers love that apron!

  3. I love that apron. I live in San Antonio and we have several what we call Mexican Bakeries. They are soooooo good there are none close to my home but when I go visit my mom she has a few closer to hers. And it is such a treat to go!!! But back to the apron... Beautiful!! I could definately see that hanging in my kitchen!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Oooohhhh, post very close to my heart... In the North of Mexico we call the moyetes "Conchas" or "Conchitas".... love love your approns very originals..

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Beautiful apron!

    I came here via Sundae Scoop Link party. Hope you can visit me sometimes over at Pittypat Paperie.

  6. Oh wow... I don't know how I made it to this blog...but I just love it!!! Joli, you are very creative, and your aprons are gorgeous!
    By the way, I have a recent post on my blog about aprons.
    Should you want to read it, please feel free to visit my blog:

    Will continue following your posts.



  7. I love the cookies- yummy yummy yummy! Happy PS!

  8. I hope you have a wonderful time away. Cookies....yummy, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  9. I LOVE the apron! I think I need one ~ :-) There is a lovely Mexican bakery near me and it is such a temptation. Oh my, they have some muffins with pecans that are to die for! Not really sweet but scrumptious.

    I hope you have a blessed Sunday with your family.


  10. I'm still working my way through Pink Saturday! Your "pink" post has good stuff.