Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thankful Thursday ~ Grand Finale 2009

I sincerely wish all of you a wonderful and blessed final Thursday of 2009. Laurie from Women Taking A Stand is hosting Thankful Thursday, so please drop by for a visit.

As 2009 comes to end with bells and whistles, I stop to look at the blessings we have received throughout the year. My first "Thank You" has to go to my heavenly father God. He has given love, patience, forgiveness, and courage. I thank my kids for putting up with me and for loving me unconditionally. I am also thankful for my mother, who through the years has continued to be my mentor. My sister Angie gave me a foundation of faith because she took me to a Christian ACTS retreat that changed my life. My sister Gracie is always my vision of GRACE and I admire her family values. My "JOY" is my sister Jessica because she became my best friend and helped me find my creative passion and purpose. My brother Rolando is the rock of our family and a role mode for my kids.

When it all comes down to it, the things that matter the most are family and friends. To all of you my blogging friends; I wish you the best for 2010. You have reached deeper into your heart and have made me feel blessed by your friendship. God Bless You with love, happiness, and peace.

Love, Yoli


  1. It sounds like you have many people and things in your life to be most thankful for. I pray 2010 will find you abundantly blessed by God with His love and peace in your life and in the lives of your children. Hugs to you, Debbie

  2. Oh Yoli, it sounds like you've got many people that are such blessings in your life. Family and friends are so important. But I love how your first thank you goes to your heavenly Father. He is the reason we truly can be thankful.

    I am wishing you a wonderful 2010!

    Hugs and love,

  3. Happy New Year, Yoli. May 2010 hold wonderful things for you.

  4. Oh, such sweet blessings in your life!