Saturday, June 16, 2012

Royal Prink Saturday

Queen Elizabeth looks absolutely adorable in this fuchsia pink ensemble.  It takes a confident woman to wear such a bold color and she is owning it.  The black buttons and trim are the perfect accent color.  Just another chatty day for Kate & Elizabeth. They look like they are enjoying a pleasant day together.  The duo shared smiles and observations at a March 8 fashion show at De Montfort University, the first stop of the Diamond Jubilee tour. "They were chatting away," said Lord Waheed Alli, chancellor of the university. "They seemed very relaxed together," added Dr. Julie King, head of the School of Fashion and Textiles.



  1. Lovely photos for Pink Saturday. Hope and pray all is going well for you. Have a blessed week.

  2. Love this picture of the Queen and Kate-they look like the really enjoy each others company. Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. Thanks for shaing this. Lovely color and enjoy seeing these two ladies together.


  4. Lovely photos. I love what they are both wearing.