Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday ~ Polka Dot Aprons

Red and Black Reversible Aprons ~ When I made these aprons I started out making them one-sided but I loved the polka-a-dots so much that I reversed the pattern on the back. I have made several sets of them and I will toot my own horn by saying that they were a great hit. I was sorting fabrics at home last night and ran into more of this fabric. I'm going to start a new set for Mother's Day.
Aprons are so special to me. I made my 1st apron when I was about 13 years old. My mother would sew so she always had an assortment of fabrics. I hand-sewed a red apron. It was a skirt apron, with a gathered pleated front. Oh how I wish I could have kept it. But all is good with special memories.

It is Ruby Tuesday and I'm excited to see other Ruby Red posted this week. I am joining in at Sew Cute Tuesday where Misty has a fantastic blog at Creative Itch Boutique and I'm also participating at Toot Your Horn.

Have a great Day!

Yoli :)


  1. I love those aprons in the picture above. You do such great work!

  2. Sweet! Hi Yoli. My sister-in-law's name is Yolanda too. I call her Yoli. I also really like you apron senorita.

  3. Very nice looking ones. I collect them and I do have a few I have made. I will have to do another Apron post on my Kitchen site this week.
    My Ruby Link for you

  4. Yoli, Those are so cute! My 8 year old daughter and I love to bake together. Those would sure make baking more fun! She has a small pink apron that she wears but nothing as nice as yours.