Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Latin Spice and Western Gusto

Apron Senorita is a mix of Latin and Western influence.  Being raised along the south Texas border gave me the opportunity to blend two beautiful cultures.  Agriculture and ranching are common ways of life for generations.  Much of area is made-up of vast farm lands where crops grow year round.  I'm very blessed to have been raised in a "Tex-Mex" culture of senoritas and cowboys.  It is a romantic story of heroism and passion.  I'm most at comfortable wearing blue jeans and western shirts.  I love western diva sandals, boots, and  cowgirl bling jewelry.  My home is decorated in Spanish Western style with Texas stars and Spanish serape blankets.  There is a lot of southwest influences with turquoise and corals.  It is truly a gorgeous multi-culture life with Latin spice and western gusto.  Ole'

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  1. I love your style - it sums up your heritage and history so well.

  2. Hi there, Debs Dealz following you back! Thanks for your visit to my site!