Monday, February 15, 2010

Chicken Salad Recipe

I LOVE CHICKEN SALAD!!! There are so many different recipes but I have to say that I am partial to my mother's recipe. She swears by Hellmann's mayonnaise as her key ingredient. I enjoy trying different recipes and I love beautiful presentations. I would be interested to hear your version and secret recipes. I am always open to adding a new twist to my cooking.

This past weekend my daughter and I were out exploring around central Texas, when we found the Bracken Village in north San Antonio. We walked into the cutest little shop & cafe by the name 23 Skadoo. We had an enjoyable brunch of delicious sandwiches, fruits, and ice tea. I had a BLT and my daughter had ham & cheese. We were told that next time we must try their chicken salad. For now, here is a simple recipe that you can change up as your taste-buds desire. .

1/2 cup Hellmann’s mayonnaise
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
2 pounds chicken breasts, cooked, cooled, and chopped
3 cups red seedless grapes, halves
1 cup chopped pecans, toasted

Stir together in a bowl mayonnaise, salt, and pepper.
Slowly incorporate the chopped chicken and grapes.
Cover and chill at least 1 hour.
Stir in pecans just before serving.

Serve in stemware lined with lettuce leaves, with a side of crackers, or small croissants.

Bon Appetit,
Yoli :)


  1. Oh yum! I can imagine the combination of those together! Sounds delicious!

  2. Your recipe is alot like mine. I love mine on mini crossants.

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I love chicken salad ,too. Your recipe sounds yummy .I will try it.

  4. Mmm, I haven't had chicken salad in some time. I will have to make some now. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to meet a neighboring Texan!

  5. Instead of grapes, add onion, celery and apples. It's great!

  6. I vote for croissants! This looks fabulous! I may just have to make some this weekend . . .

    So glad I've found your blog, my Texas sista!

    Grins and blessings!

  7. I don't fix chicken salad very often but we enjoy it when we have it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and introducing yourself.

    May God bless you this week.

  8. Oh, how I love chicken salad! Thank you for sharing your receipe and thank you for stopping by my blog. Continue to check back for there is exciting news heading to my blog.

    Be blessed,

  9. Hello, Yoli! It's nice to meet you!

    I make my chicken salad almost EXACTLY like this...the only difference is I also add chopped apples (just a little crunch!) and I use smoked chicken. You cannot BELIEVE how much the smoked chicken changes the flavor of the whole sandwich. Yum!

    (We are from Texas, too, and my husband will smoke 6-8 chickens at a time for me to shred and keep in the freezer. It can't be beat!

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures, too!

  10. Hi Yoli! Thanks for stopping by my blog...( I use the same Chicken Salad recipe you do, except I add chopped onion. I like the grapes, but my husband doesn't. So, I usually leave them out. I like your blog, and will stop by often! God Bless....Dee Dee

  11. You know, I have never tried Hellman's.Every person in my family(aunts,grandmas,mom,sister),swears by Duke's...but by gosh...I'm gonna try it.I love chicken salad,too.I'll let you know how well mine goes over and whether I get called out as a traitor to Duke'

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog also. I was a widow for 10 years. i raised both my sons through school and college. After my last son graduated from college, I got married. It is another example of how God's timing is perfect.

  13. Hi Yoli,

    I absolutely LOVE Chicken Salad and that recipe sounds just about how I like it. The grapes and pecans are a MUST in it!

  14. Yum! I love chicken salad and cannot wait to try yours out!!