Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blue Monday

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My son Vincent is in 11th grade also attends college full-time. After high school graduation he wants to go to Notre Dame to finish his college degree. Vinny downloaded this icy blue picture of Notre Dame. I attended college as a single parent while working full-time, and it was exhausting. I wish for better circumstances for Vinny. I pray for God's will over Vinny's college dreams. ~ Yoli :)


  1. What a beautiful blue picture! God bless you and your son.

  2. This is such a mysterious picture. I can imagine walking through the area and the total silence.

  3. This picture is pretty enough for a calender; no wonder they have it on their website. Have a Happy Blue Monday.

  4. Happy Blue Monday!
    I enjoyed my visit here at your special place!

  5. Hello Yoli, what a gorgeous picture in blue hues. I hope Vinny has a wonderful college experience. With a mom like you, I am sure he will.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  6. Such a lovely picture. Praying for your son.

  7. Wow, your son really has a head start. And that is an amazing picture! I want to go there, too - but not for the schooling, just to see how beautiful it is. :-)


  8. Beautiful blue winter scene .Yoli, I agree with you in prayer for your son's college dreams. Amen .8~)

  9. Love the picture. I want to thank you for visiting me yesterday. I also have a craft blog at

    I post about my craft and sewing projects on there. And sometimes other projects too.

    Have a great week.


  10. Hi, Yoli... that is a GORGEOUS picture, and I pray good things for your son as well. Hope alll of his dreams and yours for him come true.

    So nice to meet you (even though I'm a day late... have just finished traveling). Happy first Blue Monday to you, and I hope you'll join us again. This is a nice group.


    Sheila :-)